Your Turn To Die – Sue Wallman | Review

Title: Your Turn To Die

Author: Sue Wallman

Published: 8th January 2018

Publisher: Scholastic

Genre: YA/Contemporary/Thriller/Mystery

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Sue Wallman’s most spine-tingling thriller yet!

Every winter, three families gather in an old house to celebrate the New Year. This year, 15-year-old Leah and the other kids discover that the house has a dark past. As they dig into the history, terrible things start happening, and if Leah isn’t careful, this New Year might be her last.

My review:

In the first couple of chapters of this book we meet Leah as she’s making her journey in the car to Roeshot House with her mum and her mums new boyfriend, Steve, who Leah doesn’t like. When Leah arrives there, we meet her cousins Ivy & Poppy, Jakob, and a new girl Tatum. It instantly becomes clear that Leah doesn’t like Tatum very much as she tries to fit into the original trio of ‘The Amigos’. Tatum character does become a little annoying as the story progresses and I thought she was rather ‘stuck up’. These chapters really hooked me and with the amount of suspense being built up, I soon managed to read 100 pages in one sitting.

As the story progresses ‘mysterious’ things start to happen around Roeshot House and to the characters that really add to the creepy vibe I was getting at the beginning of the book. I didn’t really have much clue about who was making these mysterious things happen and it was quite enjoyable trying to work out who it might be whilst reading. There were so many twists that happened and I was always second guessing who I suspected, which I enjoyed. Throughout the entire book Leah has also made it pretty clear that she has no interest in talk to, or being around Steve which lead to a few uncomfortable scenes with them.

Then, all of a sudden, everything came to a head and kicked off, again throwing my suspicions off and who it actually was wasn’t who I was thinking it was and then the ending happened and I was left with more questions than I had to begin with. I don’t understand how the book got wrapped up in like 3 pages and those 3 pages just didn’t really add anything to the ending. The ending could of been done a lot better, and the amount of suspense I felt at the beginning just felt like it was all for nothing special.

Me and my friend are literally talking about the ending as I’m typing this review and we both agreed it isn’t an ending that we are happy with. One of the reasons I picked up this book was because of the cover, but also because it stated this was “Sue Wallman most spine-tingling thriller yet” but honestly, it felt a bit average to me.

I also want to touch on the characters, whilst I liked them, I found them quite juvenile in their thinking and their actions. I think this didn’t really help with how the story turned out at the end and just made it all seem, to me, really cheesy. It could of ended a lot better and it had the potential to but that was missed.

Overall, I felt this was an enjoyable, fast, easy read until the last 50ish pages where it all goes downhill pretty rapidly…or out the attic window should I say? 😉

If you want a suspenseful, keep you guessing but then let you down at the end kind of book then this would definitely be for you.


7 thoughts on “Your Turn To Die – Sue Wallman | Review

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  2. getmealibrary

    Hate books like that. 😭😭

  3. I love this review, it is exactly how I felt about it, the book had so much potential but then the ending really let it down.

  4. Thank you 🙂 it is really annoying that the end wasn’t so good 😦

  5. getmealibrary

    This was a really good review, the cover is beautiful! So annoying about the ending especially because you said the start of the book was really good!

  6. Thank you so much 🙂

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