Review Policy

As of 10/12/2018

Review Policy

I am happy to hear from anyone about review opportunities, but please remember when you contact me that I have quite a few books to get through already so it could take up to 2 months to read and review for you. I will always make review copies of books my priority and I will aim to read them the month before they are released so then I can review them just before publication.

My reviews will always be 100% honest, and I have the right to decline review opportunities.

Genres I’m Interested In

I love reading YA, fantasy, sci-fi, retellings, historical fantasy, mystery, thrillers, paranormal and some contemporary.

Book Format

Currently I am only able to read and review physical books as I don’t have anyway to read e-books. I may, in the future, get a new kindle and I will update this then.

Blog Tours, Guest Posts, Author Interviews & Giveaways.

I am more than happy to take part in blog tours, author interviews and guest posts. I’m also happy to participate in giveaways from publishers/authors and may even hold a few of my own from time to time.


I will happily accept ARCs to review, as said above unless otherwise stated at the time of offer, I will read them a month before the publication date so then I am able to post the review in time for release. Once I have finished the ARC I will either keep it, do a giveaway or trade it. PLEASE NOTE; I will NEVER sell an ARC.

Contacting Me

You can contact me by email at, I will always reply but please only send ONE email. Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or opportunities.

Other Information

I will always post a review on this blog and on my goodreads unless asked not to, I will also happily post on Amazon, Waterstones and anywhere else, if asked.

I will always write in my reviews that I received a copy from my source wether it’s a publisher or author themselves.


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