20 Random Facts About Me

Hello & Happy Saturday! I hope you’ve all had a good week and will have an even better weekend. ☺️

This is going to be a bit of a fun post, where I attempt to list 20 random facts about myself…I’m not sure I’ll manage, I’m not that interesting! Some of these might be a little emotional or personal to me.

20 Facts About Me

    If I could change my first name, I would change it to Laurie. For some reason, on social media or games people have always called me Laur, Lau or Laurie and I actually prefer Laurie.
    My biggest fear is losing everyone I love, my friends and my family are my world and I would give up anything if it meant keeping them for always.
    My biggest regret is that I didn’t go and see my Grandad in the funeral parlour before his funeral. I never got to tell him how much he inspired me and how much I loved him. I will forever regret this.
    My eye colour changes between green/blue/grey. I always think my eyes look green when I’m tired or just woken up, sometimes they look really blue and sometimes they look grey.
    My favourite colours are green, blue and grey. I also tend to like neutral colours too like brown.
    I always wanted to be a bilingual translator, I love learning different languages and really want to learn Russian.
    I currently suffer with anxiety and depression. Some days I feel like I can’t leave the house but some days I feel like I could travel the world on my own. I never know how I’m going to feel from one day to the next, and it really sucks.
    I believe in ghosts – I’ve been able see them and sense when they are around since I was really young. I’ve even been spoken to by some. Having the ‘gift’ of being a Medium runs in my family.
    My favourite animal is a Killer Whale or Orca, I find them to be such beautiful, family orientated animals.
    I believe in reincarnation and that when we die we come back as animals or possibly someone else. Every year, on the same day my moms cousins funeral took place, a red admiral butterfly appears in our garden and then is gone again until the next year.
    I sometimes have dreams, and then during the day I’ll have deja vu and remember that it was in the dream I had.
    I’m a Slytherin girl which is lucky as green is my favourite colour!
    I can’t eat white fish, it makes me really unwell.
    My favourite holiday is Halloween, my least favourite holiday is Christmas. I just think it’s so much expense for one day and people go a bit over the top.
    I was engaged once, the guy turned into a bit of a control freak and I had to end it.
    I prefer cold drinks to hot drinks, like iced coffee or iced latte. I also am really weird and like making a hot tea but only drink it when it goes cold.
    My favourite food is Mexican. I love Fajitas and Enchilladas.
    I’ve always been a DC girl but recently I’ve started enjoying Marvel too.
    I never want to have kids, and if I do, by some miracle, end up wanting kids I would want to adopt. There are so many out there that have no one to love them and I think that’s sad.
    My favourite season is fall and winter. Even though I don’t like Christmas, I love the cold weather. We rarely get snow in England and I love it when we do get it!

That was harder than I imagined! Phew…thank you if you’re still reading. Hopefully that helps you get to know me a bit more.


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