RIP it OR Ship it

Hello, welcome back and happy Monday! Can you believe in just over a week Christmas will all be over and everything can go back to normal, I’m looking forward to that so much, even though I don’t work Christmas is such a busy time of year.

Anyway, today I’m here with a fun post. RIP it OR ship it, I’m not sure where this was first made but Georgi thought up 10 male names and 10 female names for me which I’ve put in a jar. The males are on one colour paper and the females on another colour so I don’t pick the same sex too often. So I’ve folded them over and will randomly pick one from both colours and I will tell you if I RIP or ship the two together. So without further ado the first couple I randomly pick is….

Audrey Wadsworth (Stalking Jack The Ripper) & Lazlo Strange (Strange the Dreamer) – Hmm…Lazlo is a dreamer with a great imagination where as Audrey is more of a facts kinda girl. I don’t think the two would work together so I…RIP IT šŸ’”

Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter) & Alina (Grisha) – For some reason as soon as I saw these two names I thought ‘wow that would make an awesome ship’. Draco starts out not very nice but in the end he does the right thing and I’m only on Siege and Storm but so far Alina seems nice so….SHIP IT ā¤ļø

Simon Lewis (Shadowhunters) & Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) – They are both such kind hearted characters! I’m not sure if it would be too cutesy but I’m going to….SHIP IT ā¤ļø

Rhysand (ACOTAR) & Lila Bard (ADSOM) – Oh wow, these are both such cunning, strong characters that I really would love to ship them but I don’t think it would work…RIP IT šŸ’”

Jem Carstairs (TID) & Catwoman (DC) – These two couldn’t be more different if they tried! I think Catwoman would be too much for Jem. Also, Jem is mine so…RIP IT šŸ’”

Thomas Cresswell (Stalking Jack The Ripper) & Feyre (ACOTAR) – Again, i just don’t see this working out. Feyre would probably eat Thomas alive, she’s so feisty. But then Thomas is such a charmer…I’m going to have to…RIP IT šŸ’”

Cassian (ACOTAR) & Kady (Illuminae) – I think this is a ship I could get behind! They would have such amazing banter and I think that would really work. Plus, I think Kady needs someone with a decent ‘wingspan’ if you know what I mean…SHIP IT ā¤ļø

The Darkling (Grisha) & Scarlett (Caraval) – If I’m honest I don’t really remember much about Scarlett but I remember The Darkling, I don’t think it would work…RIP IT šŸ’”

Catrina Loss (Shadowhunters) & Nik (Illuminae) – When I pulled these two I instantly knew I wanted to ship them. I think their characters would go well together…SHIP IT ā¤ļø

So that leaves me with just one couple left and it is….

Cal (Red Queen) & Harper (A Curse So Dark And Lonely) – I just don’t see this one working. Harper is strong and pretty independent, and even though I like Cal, I just think he would probably be too protective of her because of her disability which would get on her nerves. So I…RIP IT šŸ’”

That was so fun to do! I’ll be doing more in the future, I have a ToG edition one planned and a Shadowhunter one planned which I’m looking forward to because there are so many characters in each of those series.

Do you agree with any of these? Would you create other ships out of the characters? Let me know!

Thank you for reading, have a great Monday! šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “RIP it OR Ship it

  1. Haha! Good point. I just had to ship them though šŸ˜

  2. Jheelam

    This is so much fun. I’d root for any man who has Luna Lovegood in his life :D. Now whether the “pure-blooded” Draco and “orphaned” Alina would kill each other at the end is $5 question !

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