Paperback vs Hardback

Hi, happy Saturday! I hope you all had a great week and will have an amazing weekend, Christmas is almost here and I cannot wait for it all to be over.

Today I’m going to be talking about Paperback vs Hardback and why I like each of them, and a few reasons why I don’t like them also.

Cover Design

If you’ve seen my bookstagram, it’s no secret that I love a pretty cover, and sometimes paperbacks and hardbacks have different covers, with the hardback having the prettier cover. Very rarely do I prefer a paperback cover over a hardback cover. Although, these days I’m finding a lot more hardcover books have a design under the dust jackets too, either on the book itself or on the dust jacket. I’ve also found that if a book subscription box (Fairyloot, Litjoy, Owlcrate) do an exclusive cover, you’ll never find the second book that would match, which sometimes bothers me. I think for me personally I love that we can remove the dust jackets whilst reading to keep them from getting dirty or bent, rather than with a paperback it can sometimes get really grubby.

Winner: Hardback

Ease Of Use

We all agree that paperbacks are in general lighter, smaller and much easier to hold and transport than hardbacks. Hardbacks tend to have bigger font size than paperbacks and I think that’s why hardbacks are a lot bigger than paperbacks in most cases. Sometimes there are the odd few hardbacks that are really tiny and so would be a lot easier to hold and carry less weight. For me, I find that if I can leave a book resting on top of a cushion on the open page that I’m reading it’s a lot easier, hardbacks do this easily whilst paperbacks get spine damage if pushed open too far, and everyone that knows me knows that I hate broken spines on books. I will agree that some paperbacks, generally first editions, appear to be a floppier kind of book where the pages sit open nicely without creating broken spines

Winner: Hardback


More often than not you will find that hardbacks are super expensive compared to the paperback version of the book, however I have found some rare occasions where the hardbacks have been on offer and are therefore cheaper than the paperbacks.

Winner: Paperback


In general I try to buy hardbacks if I can afford them, but after a while hardbacks vanish and are then only available in paperback. If the book is really thick, like 700 pages, then I will always buy it in hardback because a book that size is going to have a broken spine no matter how careful you are. It’s also a lot easier to keep the hardbacks cleaner as you can remove the dust jackets and keep them safe while you read.

Overall Winner: Hardback

Do you agree with any of these points made? Is there anything else you would add? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for returning to my blog, see you soon!


2 thoughts on “Paperback vs Hardback

  1. Thank you 🙂 if it’s a thin book I prefer paperback but overall I prefer hardback because of the nicer covers and the fact of no spine damage.

  2. Interesting discussion! I usually prefer paperbacks, but you’re right, hardbacks often have nicer covers.

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