Why do I pick up a book?

Hello! Happy Christmas Eve! I hope you’re having a great day. My mum is working today all day but I’m going to go to meet her when she finishes. I’m glad I don’t have to work today, it would be so busy!

Today’s post is just a discussion about what makes me pick up books, I hope you enjoy!

There are quite a few reasons why I pick up books. One of the reasons is if it has a beautiful cover that draws me in, I believe covers play an important role in making bookworms want to pick them up. I know we shouldn’t, but I’m sure a fair few of us judge books by the cover before we’ve even read the synopsis. Sometimes I like to go into a book blind, but again the synopsis has to captivate me and have me imagining how the book plays out.

More often than not if I see a cover that draws me to a book and I’ve read the synopsis then I always look at reviews on Goodreads while I’m in the store or searching for books on amazon. There are loads of reviewers who I trust so if they give a good rating or review then I buy the book.

What are some reasons that you pick up books?

I wish you a very merry Christmas for tomorrow πŸŽ„


2 thoughts on “Why do I pick up a book?

  1. Aha, I usually just have to trust my 3G works so I can text someone or look up reviews πŸ˜‚

  2. I am definitely drawn in by a pretty cover- although sometimes I end up with a stack of 10 books so if I have someone with me who knows me well enough I ask for their input as well.

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