Throne of Glass VS A Court of Thorns and Roses Book Tag

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Today I’m here with what should be a fun book tag!

If you know me you will know that I LOVE Throne of Glass and prefer it to ACOTAR. So when I saw this book tag on Rose Petal Pages you better believe I knew I had to do it too. This tag was originally created by Through Prose Tinted Pages but I cant find them to link anymore.

1. Favourite main character – Aelin or Feyre?

Hands down, I have to go with Aelin. I love her so much, her need to make everything right and she is just a better all round character. I loved Feyre too but she turned super whiney and annoying that in the end I just hated her.

Winner: Throne of Glass

2. Favourite love interest – Rowan or Rhysand?

UGH! What kind of question is this?!! I’m going with my heart and my heart is with Rowan. Rhysand is so cocky sometimes and I know that’s why people like him but I just love Rowan more.

Winner: Throne of Glass

3. Better first book – Throne of Glass or A Court of Thorns and Roses?

Throne of Glass. There’s just so much better about Throne of Glass than ACOTAR. There’s a bigger story, more foreshadowing, more characters and I just love Celaena and her story.

Winner: Throne of Glass

4. Favourite strong female side character – Manon or Nesta?

I have to say Manon. She is one of my bookish girlfriends. Nesta was annoying and rude and I just never really liked her. Manon is so badass and fights for what she thinks is right, where Nesta wants her way or no way and I hate that about some people. They never care about what you want or need only what they want and so as a result I hate Nesta.

Winner: Throne of Glass

5. Better squad – Aelin’s Court or Rhys’ Inner Circle?

I think Aelin’s court still need to figure stuff out and make their mark on the world. I have to go with the Inner Circle only because they are more organised, stronger and just so great to read about. They are truly like a family and I love that.

Winner: ACOTAR

6. Favourite female friendships 

Ohhhh. Throne of Glass wins this one. I love Mor and Amren in ACOTAR but they are nothing compared to the friendship Aelin has with Lysandra and Lysandra has with Elide. I feel like Aelin cares more about her friendships than Feyre does with hers and Aelin will literally do anything to save her friends even if it means sacrificing herself.

Winner: Throne of Glass

7. Best evil villain – King of Adarlan or Amarantha?

Oh gosh. How can I pick? Amarantha was overall more cruel and reckless, she did what she wanted and literally didn’t care wether she killed people or not. But the King of Adarlan was overall better thought out, he created so much havoc which started pretty early on in the books and lasted several of the books. The one I remember more is Amarantha but I have to go with King of Adarlan, because of the development and just everything that he caused.

Winner: Throne of Glass

8. Better setting – Erilea or Prythian?

Erilea. This world is just so vast and well thought out. Whilst I love the Night Court and Velaris and its so amazing how the world of Prythian was put together, I just really love Erilea.

Winner: Throne of Glass

9. Better ex-boyfriend – Chaol or Tamlin?

CHAOL. He is such a precious soul that even though he still loves Celaena he lets her go. Tamlin is just a controlling tool and I left a controlling relationship and reading about Tamlin made me uncomfortable at times. He was so possessive and controlling and I didn’t like it.

Winner: Throne of Glass

10. Better novella – The Assassin’s Blade or A Court of Frost and Starlight?

I’m sorry, I have to go with The Assassin’s Blade. There’s more to it and its more complex. We learn about Celaena and why she is how she is, we learn about Sam (MY HEART) and this is just a much better story. A Court if Frost and Starlight felt like it was too short and basically nothing happened, it felt like Sarah threw a load of useless crap together and made a book out of it as a way to get more money for basically not even writing anything worth reading.

Winner: Throne of Glass

I think we can see a clear winner. It has to be Throne of Glass for me, everytime.

The world, character development and just the overall story is a lot better in Throne of Glass than ACOTAR and I always will recommend people to read Throne of Glass over ACOTAR.



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