The Sleeping Beauty Book Tag

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Happy Wednesday, I hope you’re having a great week so far.

Today I’m here with a Sleeping Beauty Book Tag. If you know me, you will know that Sleeping Beauty is my favourite Disney movie, not that I’m a big lover of Disney, but this is my favourite and Aurora is my favourite Disney princess. So when I saw this book tag on Book Princess Reviews you better believe I immediately wrote it out to do it too.

SLEEPING BEAUTY | A main/title character that is overshadowed by others

I want to say Clary from TMI. I feel like the other characters are a lot better than her.

PRINCE PHILLIP | Name a character you would slay a dragon for

Mia Corvere for sure. But to be honest, she would probably slay it herself so…maybe…Elide from TOG.

FLORA, FAUNA & MERRYWEATHER | Your favourite fictional dysfunctional family

I don’t really know many dysfunctional fictional families to be honest.

BRIAR ROSE | A book/character whose name confuses you/you always mess up

All of the characters in Nevernight apart from Mia, Tric and Mister Kindly. I couldn’t tell you what their names are at all.

ONCE UPON A DREAM | A book that gave you deja-vu

Red Sister – its a lot like Nevernight but obviously not exactly the same.

BLUE VS PINK | A character who can’t make up their mind

Freaking Tella in Finale. She got right on my nerves with changing her mind every sentence. It was annoying.

SLEEPING SPINDLE | Name a book that turned out exactly how you thought it would (good or bad)

Heartless. Because everyone knows how the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland ends up.

I tag anyone who wants to do this. I can’t wait to see your answers πŸ™‚


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