Bookish Friday | Fave Series

Hey, Hello.

This bookish meme was created by myself and the lovely Georgi.

If you didn’t see my announcement about it you can find it here –  Bookish Friday | ANNOUNCEMENT. The announcement post has our list of prompts and information about this new meme. **We will have a new post with new prompts for Feb – May soon**

This weeks prompt is: Fave Series.

If you know me then you will know that I’m a big series reader. Most of the books I read are part of a series but I’m also terrible for not completing series, I don’t even know why, I just always find it hard to pick up the last books in the series.

  • Throne of Glass – Almost everyone will know that I love the Throne of Glass series, I love the whole storyline and the character development is some of the best I’ve ever read about in any series. Throne of Glass is also probably the only series I’ve actually completed reading.
  • Harry Potter – How could I not include Harry Potter in this list? Harry Potter was the series that got me into reading and I love it so much. I want to try and reread it every year but I don’t think I’ll manage it, maybe every 2…
  • Nevernight – I completely fell in love with Nevernight, the story and the characters. I still have to read Darkdawn but I’m not emotionally prepared for it yet. I hope to read it soon though.
  • Shadowhunters – I love everything about the Shadowhunter series. One of my favourite characters is from this series – Jem Carstairs. Again, I keep putting off reading Queen of Air and Darkness but with the new books coming out I really need to get to it at some point!

6 thoughts on “Bookish Friday | Fave Series

  1. I do not enjoy Cassandra Clares writing ( sorry Cassie :/). I really wanted to like throne of glass, to me it sounded great. Read the first 2 in the series and stopped, I didn’t care for it. And I’m with you on Harry Potter, I love it 🙂

  2. These are amazing series! I love Throne of Glass and Harry Potter! My favorite Cassie Clare series is Infernal devices, although I actually really enjoyed The Dark Artifices! I hope you like them when you get around to reading them! 🙃

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