ANNOUNCEMENT | Lost Between The Tabs

Hey, Hello!

Today I have, yes, another super awesome announcement for you!

Me and my best friend Georgi have been trying to come up with things we could discuss in our blogs and after a lot of umming and ahhing we decided that we would post book discussions! We will still continue to post our book reviews as normal, but we thought that this would be another fun way of raising awareness for some books that we are really excited for!

So essentially, we will be buddy reading books and then discussing them by answering questions about the book and then posting the discussions here on our blogs. Obviously we won’t be doing this for all of our buddy reads and there won’t be a specific schedule for these posts, just as and when.

We went with the name Lost Between The Tabs because our book club is called Lost Between The Covers and we thought it would tie in nicely with that.

We currently have 4 books in the list that will be included in this new blog series, 3 of which are ARC’s. We won’t be including spoilers so anyone can read the posts!

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